Insight into the skill sets that are most in-demand, post-pandemic and those that are emerging in 2021

May 12, 2021

In a recent report from the City & Guilds Group, they discuss the key skills that are in demand and those that are emerging this year, post the pandemic.

Only just over half (54%) of employers agree that their business can recruit the skilled individuals it needs” - Skills index Report, 2021. 

Over the last fifteen months, the pandemic has taught us that both businesses and workers alike are going to need to reinvent themselves to keep up with an evolving workplace and marketplace. Employers are adapting the way they work and are identifying skill gaps that they didn’t have or necessarily need before the pandemic. Whilst people are having to rethink and realign their current skills to transfer into a new role and with this, there needs to be more guidance on how people can upskill. 

“Employers need to state the skills they want people to have and create the ‘desirable’ and will need to think hard about how they keep their employees’ skill sets current to meet the future needs of their businesses and take a more active role in updating the skills of their workforces” - Skills index Report, 2021.

Many people are feeling uncertain about what the future holds. Some people are waiting for furlough to phase out in September, whilst others are feeling anxious about learning new skill sets. So whilst it’s helpful for employers to identify what skills they need for their business, potential employees need guidance and support so they can fulfil these roles.

We work with key partners and organisations in the local community who support the ‘Back on Track’ initiative. Journey2Work gives people support to help reignite employment goals to transfer into new opportunities and West Sussex Mind helps people affected by mental health issues and provides advice and the support they need to improve physical and mental well-being. 

As we move forward, better matching people and skills with employment will be key, but in the meantime, we encourage people who are ready to learn new skills to utilise the ‘Back on Track’ initiative and in turn, utilise the training and support that our partners can provide. 

City & Guilds Group