Common Questions

How can I give support?
How can I get support?
Is there a charge for organisations?

No, other than your time effort and energy. Of course, all donations and help with funding to sustain the initiative is always welcome!

Is there a charge?

No, the Sussex Angels initiative seeks funding and partners to provide support free of charge to individuals 

What Partners are involved?

We have an extensive list of partners already involved including Richard Place Dobson, Crawley Community Action, Manor Royal Business District, Gatwick Airport, Ernest Kleinwort Charitable Trust, Boltini Trust, Gatwick Diamond Business and Sussex Community Foundation.

What does the “Sussex Angels” initiative do?

The “Sussex Angels” initiative, driven by the RPD Foundation, brings solutions and opportunities together, working with partners and signposting those that need support and are looking for new opportunities to organisations and those that can provide them.