What is 'Back on Track'? 

‘Back on Track’ is a Covid-19 recovery initiative developed by the RPDF Foundation and partners as a collective of “Sussex Angels” helping individuals to get ‘Back on Track’. 

Helping people find new employment/opportunities and to feel
confident about their future

Finding employment right now is not easy. This challenging time brings great uncertainty about what the future holds. It can also bring ongoing feelings of anxiety – concerning not only personal finances but also the knock-on effects on home-life, family, and relationships.

And, for so many in our region, recent economic changes, such as the dramatic collapse of the aviation industry, mean that specialised career paths which once looked straightforward are now much less clear.

It really shouldn’t be this way. Nobody should be struggling alone and feeling that there is no end in sight. Support is here. You! our Sussex Angels can help individuals find the light at the end of the tunnel and get their life’s back on track.

As part of our expert team of partner organisations and individuals (our Sussex Angels) have helped thousands of people to achieve success – from finding a brand-new career path to unlocking skills and the potential they didn’t even know they had. Collective extensive industry insight means that whatever individual’s current situation, we can help them to find suitable employment, or other opportunities to regain a hold on life and give them back a sense of direction.

For some, the route ahead is unclear, and together we aim to find suitable support and guidance so that they can identify their skillsets and the best avenues for them to pursue. By gaining an understanding of both who they are and what they are truly capable of, we can show them the diverse range of jobs and career pathways available to them right now.

So let’s overcome this challenge together and find a way to help people take back control, regain motivation and put their finances and future back in their capable hands.

Our pioneering partners

We are extremely pleased to have the support of our Pioneer ‘Back on Track’ Partners below, why not join them and make a difference?

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Everything you need to get ‘Back On Track'

Our aim is to help you overcome current challenges and help you unlock new opportunities

Common Questions

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What does the “Sussex Angels” initiative do?

The “Sussex Angels” initiative, driven by the RPD Foundation, brings solutions and opportunities together, working with partners and signposting those that need support and are looking for new opportunities to organisations and those that can provide them. 

What Partners are involved?

We have an extensive list of partners already involved including Richard Place Dobson, Crawley Community Action, Manor Royal Business District, Gatwick Airport, Ernest Kleinwort Charitable Trust, Boltini Trust, Gatwick Diamond Business and Sussex Community Foundation.

Is there a charge?

No, the Sussex Angels initiative seeks funding and partners to provide support free of charge to individuals 

Is there a charge for organisations?

No, other than your time effort and energy. Of course, all donations and help with funding to sustain the initiative is always welcome!

How can I get support?
How can I give support?