Unlock Your Full Potential With UseTembo.

May 12, 2021

UseTembo was created at the start of the pandemic to help individuals balance life and overcome struggles relating to work, life and “the new normal”. The creators and contributing experts understand that life is a balancing act that is sometimes hard to get right, thus creating an easily accessible hub of activities and exercises to help you overcome difficulties and reach your full potential whatever your goals and occupation.

UseTembo is now collaborative partners of the RPD Foundation and contributors of social support for individuals interested in the ‘Back on Track’ initiative.Regardless of who you are or what circumstances you’re facing, UseTembo is designed to work for everyone.

At UseTembo we understand life isn’t always easy. You’re trying to work out how to improve yourself and live the life you want, but work-life has become overwhelming, you’re often procrastinating and don’t feel like you’re getting anywhere, you’re scared about what the future might bring? Our experts can help you overcome these with our situation-based support and activities.

UseTembo is an app that brings together years of combined expertise - carefully designed by a team of experienced practitioners who understand the problems we all go through and who have helped thousands of people to excel. Think of it as a personal growth coach in your pocket that gives you the tools you need to manage your everyday life and direct your future, and gives you the support you need to stay calm whatever life throws at you.

The unique focus of UseTembo lets you truly handle your life and direct every detail in a controlled and focussed way. Helping you to achieve calm in the present, and guides you to create a roadmap that brings you to the life you want. On the app you can choose from a wealth of wellness courses covering a wide variety of different topics, offering our users a “deep dive” into wellness. If you’re new to self-care you can join the ‘nine-steps beginners’ course to get you started.

If you can’t find what you need, just let us know and our wellness experts will create the exact content for you. Once you sign up, UseTembo will be ready to use in seconds. Simply click “Get Access” and get started!