Participate in Dry January and Donate the money to your local Foodbank

Welcome back, and happy New Year. We hope you had a lovely Christmas break.

We all know Dry January is good for our health and well-being, especially after the over-indulgent Christmas period. It's also a good opportunity to do something good.

So why don't you donate the money you would usually spend on alcohol to your local food bank throughout January? Here are a few benefits:

Benefits of Dry January
  • It's good for you physical health
  • It's good for you mental wellbeing
Benefits of supporting a local food bank
  • Support individuals who rely on food banks for food, drinks and clothes
  • Supporting your local community

We support the Crawley Food Bank Partnership, and January is one of their toughest months for donations and support. Let's help them by donating any goods you can! (Either food, items or money). Plus - you aren't really spending any more as you will be donating the money you would usually spend ūüėČ

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